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Champ Bailey

What if Andrew Luck and Patrick Peterson were combined?

Patrick Luck....the most hyped prospect in orangemane history.

A QB/CB hybrid capable of destroying both the opposing offense and the opposing defense on his own. He runs a 2.1 40 (thats his high time...the lower time was thrown out because it was deemed physically impossible...a -1.2 40-yard dash). Weighs 655 lbs of pure steel. He's all of 7'8". Has an arm that throws 252 mph. He has never thrown a pick, but has picked off every pass thrown by an opposing QB...even if its across the field.

He played college ball for MIT...they put in a football program just for him. It was him and a bunch of engineering and neuroscience nerds and they went undefeated against every team in the Big 12 and SEC before shellacking Oklahoma 365-0 in the BCS title game. He won 4 straight Heismans...maintaining a 4.0 at MIT over the course of his degree, which he finished in a year. The subsequent 3 years were spent doing research on neural image mapping and synaptic plasticity, where he completed a PhD (his thesis won the Nobel Prize), finished 5 post-doc specialties, and established an entire research wing funded by a set of investments that he set up that compound yearly at 642%.

Tecmo Bo Jackson on Patrick Luck, "Pat knows mo than Bo."

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