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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
Obviously you don't have a lack of wind if you're towing a bigass kite behind you, and the story directly states that it does generate it's power to recharge the battery as it's moving. It says so clearly, and you can watch the Youtube video as well if you still have questions.

I like how some people on this board can't wait to jump to some kind of insulting comment like "you can't grasp this" or other rude remarks, as if it's really important to them to be sure and make someone with an alternate opinion look stupid. This is the kind of idiotic conversation I don't have time for. If you read the story and still don't get how it works, I can't help you. I swear 90% of the time people post things in here that make it clear they never read the original post or linked to the story provided. I don't have time for it.
Dude. You TOTALLY HAVE FAILED to grasp what the article states. TOTALLY FAILED.
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