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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Considering how devoid this team is of talent on the front seven, even though Bowers and Fairley have their flaws, for this team they certainly are. Dareus as well. I'd prefer trading down and still being able to landing one of those players, Peterson included.

The Bowers/Peppers idea makes sense considering Fox's history, but maybe they are content with Dumervil and Ayers at end. Personally, I'd rather have one of the elite DT's to free up our ends with our first selection if they don't go Peterson.

There are a lot of solid edge rushers and ends in this draft and there will be good value there where we have our next selections. Go for the top tier DT if you can.

We need DT, DE, S, LB with our first four picks. Pending what happens with Harris we could use an OT and perhaps RB. Hopefully a new CBA is adopted quickly, otherwise we have a lot of holes to go and fill in the draft without the possibility of FA until after.
I would go DT DE LB S/RB/OT. I agree I hope FA can happen before draft come on get CBA done.
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