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Originally Posted by listopencil View Post
Yes, there is. You can google it and get results that will tell you that it goes from Kickers/Punters/Long Snappers at the top all the way down to Running Backs for career length. It's easy data to track. Length of career is directly related to position even more so than injury history. Generally speaking the more contact a position endures, the shorter the career. With weight given to who is doing the hitting and who is being hit. There was a paper done by Milt Davis (PhD) and Pat Lombardi (PhD) and presented to the 56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) back in 2009. It tracks players from the 2004 combine to the 2008 season and it corroborates the NFL data.
So that's why the Raiders took Janikowski. They're smarter than I thought.
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