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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by orange crusher View Post
I don't have much respect for Xanders and would tend to agree. However, there isn't really much reason to keep anything a secret picking #2. Carolina isn't going to pick someone just because Denver wants him and I don't believe anyone is going to trade up to #1 to get one of the DT's.
Perhaps not, but someone might be looking to trade up to get Cam Newton, who is apparently rising very quickly. Either Carolilna or Denver could have the option of trading down, and if we do I don't think it's to our advantage to make our intentions known if we are drafting somewhere like 6th or so. Trading down a few spots is much more attractive if we still get the guy we want. Besides...what if a possible trading partner were to offer a 2nd opportunity to move down. It behooves us to keep our true intentions to ourselves...unless of course John Elway thinks the draft should be subject to his new transparency measures.
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