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Simon Fletcher

This one is easy. Let us start with driving. Aholes who think they need to be back of a car a full car length or more. Need to turn left and get into that turning lane? Good luck since 6 of the 8 cars are ****ing 20 feet from the car in front of them. 2nd, how about those morons who are turning right and you are across from them waiting to turn left. Both of you have the green but you are the yielding green. Those ****heads everyday stop at a green light looking at me. "Hey dumb****! I am waiting for your sorry ass to keep moving! Dont stop!" That is a road rule known since taking your driver's ed class in high school. Probably one of the first to know. Furthermore, is those jackholes that are going straight but decide to wait near the right hand side of the street. Good luck turning right since these numnuts think they own the lane plus the bike lane. Lastly, you ****heads that like to go slow and laugh when I pass them up but they end up right behind me at the light. Little do you ****heads know I got major stress relief passing your sedan going 35 in a 45. Add to the fact I would have made the light if you decided to at least go the posted limit. Also, the posted limit that isnt residential or school zone doesnt mean you cant go past that limit. It is a general speed limit not a maximum. Go at a safe speed and that can be past the posted speed limit.
As for the Mane, anyone who puts down Hillis. Havent said that name in awhile so thought I would throw it out there.
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