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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by End of Silence View Post
People who don't adhere to unwritten (and written) rules of society. For instance, I actually saw a person driving make a right turn at a stop light, drive maybe five yards then flip a ***** and turn right again. All so they didn't have to wait at the stoplight. Because waiting and extra 20 seconds is really going to **** up your day.
Speaking of driving things...

What grinds my gears is this:
People on the road who don't know where they're going or not paying attention, and then holding up traffic.

Example: This jackass is in the right lane, but should be in the left lane to turn. Instead of passing his turn and changing lanes or turning around at the next open/safe possibility, he's going to slow waaaaaay down and/or stop altogether, throw on his blinker, and completely hold up traffic just so he can get into his turn lane, and the rest of the world be damned.

Obviously I cut people with out-of-state plates some slack, but locals who do that get me heated.
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