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The resident troglodyte appears on cue -- out of the woodwork.

Integrate this: Last year Tehran sustained a direct broadside -- an act of by the US /Israel -- as predicted. I refer to the recent cyber attack -- to which many on the OM responded with glee.

The CIA campaign of terror inside Iran continues. We are at war.

At this point -- it can escalate at any moment.

IMO the only factor that has prevented all out warfare -- to date -- is the fact that the Iranians now have a conventional deterrent -- which has caused Israel to have second thoughts.

Iran's IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missiles) now have GPS guidance systems -- which allows an accuracy of up to 1-3 meters. This means Iran can target Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona and Israel's nuclear arms and bio weapons stockpiles.

One direct hit -- would contaminate much of Israel -- making it uninhabitable for hundreds -- maybe thousands of years.

We are not talking about Skuds anymore. The stakes have risen in recent years.

The Isarelis are warlike fanatics -- but thankfully they are not stupid.
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