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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=milehighiniowacity link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=0#5 date=02/26/02 at 13:55:21]Sorry new to this board but, could someone please explain the whole Neck Pony Nation thing.  I'm a diehard Bronco fan but living in Iowa keeps me out of the loop to much.  Thanks for your help.  [/quote]

The term actually originated over on the DPO board (a lot of our posters came over from that board). It was originally coined as an insult by a Raider fan who called himself "Black Hole"... but the Bronco fans adopted the name. There's a mega-Neck Pony thread  with thousands of posts on that board... and the tradition continues here...

Hope that helps!
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