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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
but Haine had 2 INT's one was a pick 6 so which QB cost the team the win?

Sounds like maybe you didn't see it? Can't be just me, Hanie was nothing short of remarkable. Stats tell the story:

Hanie played the 4th quarter only, but in that quarter he doubled Cutler and Collins' combined completions and yardage ... and led the Bears to their only points of the game:

The pick-6 came when BJ Raji dropped back into pass coverage - if you can believe that - and slid right into the passing lane. Reading that kind of cover scheme is tough for a guy who never plays, and he really never did play before this ... threw just 14 passes in three years. Other Int was a bad pass on 4th down to end the game.

Go here, jump up to about 4:30 on these highlights:
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