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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by kappys View Post
This is gut wrenching stuff - I should not have read it after eating.

Dr. Bronc is right on with this one - the State Health Board acted outrageously. That said I do think there are some pretty awful physicians(not on this level, more on the stealing peoples money without providing them with any benefits level but no harm) that are able to get away with it. One of the gurus of "environmental medicine" is here in Dallas and does just that. Despite being brought to the board several times he has avoided any actions - largely due to the accumen and cost of his high powered defense team.

Still that is an example that is a far, far cry from this one. At worst he is a fraudulent snake-oil peddler, but no one would call him a murderer
The thing that bothers me the most is the willful "ignorance" on the part of the health department. They pretended not to know what was going on despite the avalanche of evidence to the contrary. As stated in the grand jury report, there was a concern that any sort of inspection on Gosnell's clinic would serve to limit access to abortion services. They intentionally neglected to inspect his clinic even when multiple specific complaints were hand delivered to the Health Department by physicians. The ONLY reason he was ever busted was because of his separate narcotic pill mill raid by the DEA.

Imagine if he would have fixed a rusty bayonet to an assault rifle and performed his "operation," followed by a gunshot to the fetal skull after delivery. Same results -- perforated hollow organs to the mothers, and lethal wound to the base of the fetal skulls. How long would he have been allowed to practice? There literally would be no difference in the outcomes. Yet the politics involving the manner in which he committed murder allowed him to do so for decades, and become filthy rich in the process. This was criminal beyond the scope of imagination, and it had a willing accomplice by the regulatory agencies responsible for preventing such atrocities.
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