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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I agree with your point above. But I think you're missing the point made in what I posted, which is surprising since I highlighted it for you.

You, in they typical roundabout leftist way, contorted this case to mean what you wanted it to mean. You're using the old, tired, publicly unchallenged rationale that putting abortion clinics on every corner in the inner city is okay because some cases become too graphic and uncomfortable when we dont couch the horror in terms like "choice", "sanitary", "women's rights", and "surgery", and when it is hidden behind closed doors so nobody can see and so nobody talks about it.

What this man did is only very slightly different than the dilation and extraction procedure that is legal. Its actually less graphic. At least he wasnt stabbing the kid through his skull, cutting up his brain, and then vacuuming it out into a biohazard bag and throwing it in the trash along with the baby's corpse.

Many people are using this case as evidence that abortion should be illegal.
This says more about what information you embibe than what anyone else thinks.

The facts are that if abortion was made illegal there would be more cases like this, not less.
And whats wrong about that? Abortion is just as horrific on a hospital bed as it is in some basement somewhere. Its still murder, its still extremely sad, its still graphic, its still horrific, its still risky, and it still leaves the mother with a lifetime of internal shame and loss.

The solution isn't to make abortion illegal. The solution is to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This is probably best accomplished by way of education and birth control, but of course there are interests on the right that don't want either of these things for various reasons. So these same interests are actually making the problem worse.
Here's the solution: Parents...raise your own dadgum kids. Quit asking the government to do it.
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