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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
If you were to look closely over the years, most of the time one of the abortionists is being targeted, the "protesters" are claiming that he's doing illegal late term abortions, committing infanticide, etc. It's what causes them to be able to get themselves worked up into justifying murder of the abortionist.

But in some parts, nobody ever wants to hear from the "Operation Rescue" types. Janet Reno brought RICO charges against them.
With all the malpractice suits in place, you'd think they would have noticed his activities and drawn attention to his clinic.

Neither the pro life crowd, the State health dept or medical boards seem to give a damn.
And as his lawsuits go back a decade, State funding can't be the reason he wasn't put out of business, it has to be indifference or incompetence.
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