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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
I think maybe much like executions need to be shown on tv, maybe we should show abortions on tv, not enough to where people would get desensitized, but enough that anybody who wants to have one would know what its all about.

Ive personally got no idea what all is done in an abortion, so i cant really picture a live baby being killed, i just assumed that they were injected with something and then sucked out. This story puts a picture to the procedure, and its sick.
Here's the legal partial birth abortion that many Americans have tried to get banned because it is done into the third trimester, when the child is viable outside the womb:

In this one, the Abortionist doesnt pith the child, he penetrates its skull with scissors, chops up brain tissue while the child is still alive and fighting death, and then he sucks out the brain tissue with a vacuum.
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