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Malik Jackson

I just see a ****storm of major proportions coming out of this case - as there should be. Unfortunately, what often happens is the political and media storms wash away the truth, while the officials and politicians work hard to cover their own asses. At base, this guy is another ****ing Mengele, and the root cause and perpetrator of these heinous crimes. But there are probably a lot of other issues that allowed this murderer to stay in business. One might be race. Another might be his location and the economic class of his patients. Another might be the funding of regulatory agencies and investigator caseloads.

I remember a horrific foster care case in Florida a few years ago where they discovered that caseloads were so bad for social workers, that if it would take them ten years to visit all their cases at twenty a day, no matter how many complaints came in. And the focus of the media attack on that case ended up being the social worker responsible for that foster home on her caseload - not the funding, not the politicians, not the system, not the politics. She promptly quit and the media moved on. I doubt anything changed in that case. And after this ****storm passes, and they pick some investigator or case worker to pin this case on, nothing will change either. Call me cynical.
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