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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
He violated every imaginable law regulating the practice of abortion in Pennsylvania, even when he aborted fetuses younger than 24 weeks. He was not qualified, his office did not remotely meet required standards, and not a single person who worked for him was licensed in any fashion. There were endless complaints lodged with the appropriate regulatory agencies that were essentially complicit in his murder for cash clinic.

What I don't understand is how he was able to maintain a general medical license. Again, he was not qualified by law to perform abortions... so I don't know how effective suspending his license would have been. It seems as though most complaints to the medical board were never fully investigated or reviewed. It shouldn't have mattered. The entire clinic should have been shut down thirty years ago by the health department.

The reason he got away with it is simple: the sacred cow status of abortion. The only reason he got caught is because of the narcotics raid by the DEA, and the subsequent press coverage.
It's also possible that the regulatory agencies are so underfunded (as they are in most states now) that the caseloads for investigators were ridiculously unmanageble.
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