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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
I think maybe much like executions need to be shown on tv, maybe we should show abortions on tv, not enough to where people would get desensitized, but enough that anybody who wants to have one would know what its all about.

Ive personally got no idea what all is done in an abortion, so i cant really picture a live baby being killed, i just assumed that they were injected with something and then sucked out. This story puts a picture to the procedure, and its sick.
Read the grand jury report. This goes in to detail with photographic evidence of what this monster did. He literally induced labor and killed live viable near term neonates with scissors to the back of the neck, often after the mother "precipitously" delivered a live baby while left alone in a drug induced stupor. He killed and maimed countless females with drug overdoses administered by unlicensed personnel or by uterine / bowel perforations.

Again, the ONLY reason he was finally busted was the illegal narcotic distribution his daytime "pain management" practice was performing. If he would have limited his "practice" to the third world butchering of late term pregnant women, his actions would have continued to be actively ignored by the state regulatory and law enforcement agencies of Pennsylvania. The people in charge of the Dept of Health have retained criminal defense lawyers at the expense of the taxpayers, because they are going to be prosecuted next.

These patients are just as vile as this ****er. They knew that Gosnell was the only method for late term abortion, and paid exorbitant amounts of cash up front for these procedures. His abortion practice was almost exclusively dedicated to servicing the post 24 week gestation clients, which is against the law. He knew it, the patients knew it, and the Penn DOH knew it. It was more important to keep all options available to anyone who might want an abortion... even if that meant ignoring the blatantly illegal and unethical practice of Gosnell.
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