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Keep it up guys. I only have a few videos and hope to collect more so I can enter the conversation anytime someone brings up the 70s. Started in 1977 but as a 7 year old, you cant remember every detail.
BTW, if any of you have the 88 game vs the Rams, I believe the best run in Elway's history (before the helicopter in SB32) happens in this game as he scrambles from the 32 yard line to score and I believe it was on 3rd down of course. The game shows what Elway put up with Reeves' playcalling and then goes in Elway mode for the 4th quarter.
I wish I could help you there Broncocalijohn but the only '88 game I have is that debacle in Indianapolis on Monday Night Football Halloween night. The game where I cursed Eric Dickerson's name all night--and I was 13 at the time!!
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