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Yeah, I have all of those videos tool they are awesome. I've beem collecting Broncos games for a lonf time now too!! Thanks for putting those on You Tube so all can see them!!
I've been collecting Broncos games for the past year, so right now it's still small. I enjoy making edits of the plays and posting them on You Tube because there's virtually nothing with pre-Elway Broncos on there unless it's the Super Bowl XII game. Your list is so impressive; some of those games I haven't even seen on the buy/sell websites so you're lucky to have them.

Recently I won a bid on the '78 Broncos yearbook, which is an item you rarely see. I also acquired two "Broncos Reports" newspapers from '78 as well. I love the rare Broncos stuff.

PS--Where in LI are you? I have lots of family out there (I'm originally from Glendale, Queens)
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