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Howard Griffith

Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
This place has been inundated by idiots that think they know it all so I prefer not to banter with them! It is a "no win" situation! How are you my brother?
Doin' allright. Damn snow kicked my ass this morning. I had a little touch of a stomach virus over the weekend so I didn't venture out till this morning to shovel. Nothin like shoveling for an hour+ at 5 in the AM.

Re: my earlier comment. I've also just about had it with the clowns and may just do a disappearing act. No biggie. The people on here that I know and care about have my contact #s and next year is up in the air. I may keep a few tix, but am considering giving it all up and just sitting at home watching the fiasco for the next few years. ****ing Bowlen and Co don't deserve my $$ and the team needs to stop acting like the Raiders (on and off the field).
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