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Let's be real here. Is there ever a DL you would pick with the #2 pick for a 3-4 defense? Obviously you want talent on the front 3 but given the roles you ask out of those 3, is that worth a #2 pick? I'd have to say NO. Do we need improvements on our front 3, hell yes we do, but not with the 2nd overall pick. Hopefully we can get a 2nd for Orton or even a 3rd. As it stands right now, I'd have to take Peterson and then go DL with #36 and #46. What we get for Orton, look at adding either a safety or a take a chance on a really fast RB that can be a home run threat.
3-4 teams target linemen in the first all the time. That said, I do tend to agree that we shouldn't spend the #2 pick on one. Then again, as much as I like Peterson, I don't like the idea of drafting a corner at that slot either. God I hope we can trade down for some more picks. If we keep the 3-4 we can get a lot of good players for that scheme in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
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