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Orange Julius

Originally Posted by Bad Reflexes View Post
I do have a jersey preference!

To commemorate the "Davis Division"... It seems only right to add another TD jersey to my Bronco wardrobe (Orange preferably or Blue would be 2nd... I already got an "away" #30 jersey)

And as far as the $... I'll take the "gift card", if it's like a Visa/MC type. If it's "store specific", I think I'd rather get the e-check thing.
Excellent choice! So I can't do anything until the end of the season. Everything as you recall is in league safe. I have to appropriate all of the funds at once so we have to wait until the pickem winner is final. I guess we can concede but I think we are within striking distance going into the final week.

Everyone will need to log into league safe and you yourself decide how you want to receive your prizes.

What I need to know from BR is if you want me to order the TD jersey or if you would prefer to get the entire amount and order the jersey yourself. Either way is fine with me, but if you want me to do the ordering, PM me your size and address and I will get it done!
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