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One problem in Calif is that public employees are almost all college graduates. Many with Masters degrees. At first glance you think that is good, they should get paid well, they are smart. The problem is many of the positions simply do not require that level of education. So they want to make money equal to the private sector but they are fulfilling a job that could be done by a non college graduate.

I think states just hire too many college graduates because they can. They have taxpayer money to spend to they spend it. While a private company will say we need some entry level non college employees to train for certain positions that won't be paying that great.

Then these master degreed city workers just fall into there routine until they retire and get there great pension. All the while complaining people in the private sector make more with there masters degree.

Fact is that the more public jobs you have the worst it gets. We need less people living off the govt tit, not more. We need to cut the calif payroll, slash pensions, and get to chopping. If young state workers dont like it I suggest moving to the private sector.
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