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Default Thanks to everyone who got this league going...

I probably would have been without fantasy football if you guys hadn't let me sneak in! I really hope there isn't a player strike next year... that would suck in so many ways.

I must say I feel pretty fortunate! Thought I was toast when Bman's TE & D/ST dropped 39 on me. With my D/ST giving me a measly 3! In a panic on Sunday morning, I was forced to bench Megatron (who would have been canceled by Bman's "doppelganger" Megatron). In the hopes Britt would have a better game... I was very lucky there. Seemed like kind of a "down week" across the board for fantasy scoring. My Brother & I were at the Broncos game (Awesome!)... I kept checking my phone. But, (other than the 50 points I got in a span of about 5 minutes, care of Bowe & Britt) the scores never changed more than a point or two every 15 minutes.

I hope the site calculates points next week... I'd like to see if I can make 2,500 points! A memorable number to use as a benchmark for my future teams. I would also like to see if Megatron can get in front of Lloyd & Rivers can outscore Vick. If that happened it would mean right around week 5 (before the "TE Massacre"), my team rostered... The #1 QB, #1#2 & #3WR's, #1&#2TE's (you know they woulda been) and two top 12 RB's (Ray Rice was BY FAR the best RB to have in the playoffs IMO). That's ridiculous... I'll never luck into a team like this again!

The loss of Clark followed by Gates really brought my team down to earth. The beat down Floridian Broncos gave me the last week of the season followed by my 87 point Bye week, really had me worried. And CBF set his damn lineup. I just would have died if I lost to his team! I was so glad, I didn't have to play him!

Dropping a 190 on my Brother in the Conference Championship... Priceless

Great year to everyone who played it out! Thanks... you guys make it fun!

I'm already looking forward to next year! hopefully!

BTW... this site wouldn't happen to have "Playoff Capabilities" would it? Where you draft a new (limited roster) team for the playoffs? Just Curious...
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