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Kelly Brook

Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
annie hall: never heard of it....

national lampoons vacation wasn't funny?!?!? what?!?

you didn't like Fletch?

the big lebowski overated??!?!?!
Annie Hall is a crappy Woody Allen "neurotic NYC jew dates WASP chick" comedy from the mid 70's. it's the kind of film NYC critics like. that's about it. it's not that Woody Allen couldn't occasionally be funny, but his schtick wears thin outside of NYC.

i can't stand Chevy Chase. he's tolerable in Caddyshack because he's a minor character, but he's not funny. he's never been funny. his castmates on SNL couldn't stand him. he's an arrogant prick.

i don't see much humor in the The Big Lebowski. i know that college-aged stoners from the 90's remember the film fondly, but watch it sober and it's not really funny.
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