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Fone Bone

Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
The Big Lebowski = over-rated
National Lampoon's Vacation = not funny at all. any movie with Chevy Chase as the lead is not funny at all.
Annie Hall = are you kidding me? blech.

the rest of the list is ok. not sure they are the 25 best of all time, but they're all worth an occassional view i suppose, though i've never had any interest in seeing the 40 Year Old Bob or Some Like it Hot.
Not to burst your bubble but I'm pretty sure an opinion or preference for a favorite comedy can be "wrong". The National Lampoons franchise is rather popular too...

I love Steve Martin buy never liked the Jerk, always thought LA story was funnier and a better film. It's just an opinion though dude!
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