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We really enjoyed Rob Halford tonight. Dude is really a terrific vocalist and had a rock solid band behind him. I'm not familiar with Judas Priest, but my buddy Levy is and came along with Laurie and I and brought a woman named Beth. Anyway, Levy is familiar with Priest and said they only played about a half dozen of their songs. I have to admit that my favorite part of the show was when they played The Green Manalishi, written by Fleetwood Mac's original guitarist, Peter Green, followed immediately by an excellent metalised version of Joan Baez' song Diamonds and Rust. Just sensational. Halford came out with a shaved head, reflective aviator shades, and a knee length black leather coat covered with metal studs about the shoulder area. Really, really good show. We sat dead center in the first row of the balcony, one of the few places in the small venue that actually has seats.

The warmup band was called Phil M - I was told it was pronounced Film, and they pretty much sucked. Decent on their instruments, the drummer is from the band Slayer, but their attempts to vocalize were brutal. Almost comical, but too bad for that.

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