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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
When you started this thread, you got all cry baby on us for not understanding Foneco was Foneca or vice versa. It says date of edit and why and you put wrong spelling. Since this has been on for so long, no one probably goes back to the first page unless new and needs to know what the F is Foneco. They wouldnt know it by you changing it from Foneca to Foneco. Soooo, do the right thing and leave it as it was the first day you posted it. Changing a classic HOF thread to lose its whole meaning is classless and douchey. Foneca is ours now for all the Mane to see. You did a disservice to all. As for the bowling ball, I tried but holes need to be double the size.
I'm still laughing at your hell mary's pass
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