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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Yep I remember that. I think he only had about 60 catches but 14 or 15 of them were for TD's, including a couple against Dallas early in the year.

The 1995 Broncos were an interesting team. I was very excited for the dawn of the Shanny era and I was very much looking forward to having a nice pizza while watching the season opener on Sunday night on TNT vs. the Bills. Denver won 22-7, but I was impressed with how easily we were able to carve up the Bills defense. Denver could have scored ALOT more points in that game, but we had some big drops including a drop by Ed in the endzone. Elway had over 300 yards in that game and we really had a great effort. You could see even then how gifted Shanny was in terms of offensive gameplanning. There was a game against the Cardinals that was a CLINIC for how to take apart the 46 defense. We completely destroyed that defense and everything we ran worked. It was also the beginning of Shanny's OWNING of Belichick's defense. New England was still coached by Parcells at the time, but Belichick was the DC I believe and was absolutely lit up by Denver in a 37-3 blowout, I believe that was also a TNT Sunday night game if I remember correctly. Probably the best moment of the season was the 27-0 shutout win over the Raiders on MNF. We were inconsistent that year and dropped some games we should have won, but it was an enjoyable season to watch, esp to see TD's progression. Early in the season, Shanny was really trying to get us to adjust to the San Francisco dropback passing game, but Elway felt more comfortable in the shotgun so around midway through the year, they started to go to that some more. It was a fun year to watch even though we only finished at .500.
My Brother and I went to the Cardinal game, It was my 1st in MH, I saw the deep play to Miller open up and was pointing to Miller and pulling my brothers arm to get his attention and yelling "MILLLER" just as Elway let it loose. Great memory of a great day. That was also the start of TD getting 120+ YPG, he had 80-90 yards at the half just on quick dive plays. It was fun to see that team grow and execute.

1995 was a team who won 2, lost 2, then would win one and lose one, they had high scoring games but were in them. Plus they were beating the teams they should have and lost to the good teams. That is one difference between the 1995 team and the 2010 team, the 2010 team is finding ways to lose to the bad teams as well as the good ones.
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