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Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
Well, the last time I traveled that far was in 1969 to go to war in Vietnam. Luckily I was a flyboy so I was in Thailand sending laser guided bombs to Vietnam and Cambodia...probably Laos too. Looking forward to being there in Singapore, but not looking forward to 21 hours on a plane each way!

Flying to Asia sucks. Not only do sit on a plane forever, but I also think the jet lag is worse flying west vs east. When I received my orders to go to Korea I was stationed at Ft.Rucker in Ala.. I flew from there to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage, Anchorage to Tokyo and then Tokyo to Seoul. I thought I was traveling to the end of the earth!

Gotta say, I loved Asia. The ancient culture, their food and women.
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