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Champ Bailey

1. Yanni-"Unearthly Sound of Torture"
2. John Tesh-"Trickle-Down Pianomics"
3. Yoko Ono -"Screams"
4. That Canadian band with the normal looking guy with long blonde hair that sings on the Spiderman album -"We Couldn't Sound Any Less Original"
5. Puddle of Mudd-"How Else Can We Rip Off Nirvana Poorly?"
6. Norah Jones-"Anyone Else Tired of This Boring Spiel?"
7. Outkast-"My Producer Made Me Include Songs for White People"
8. Slipknot-"Boy, This Gimmick is Old!"
9. P-Doodie-"Yeah, I'm Rich"
10. Indigo Girls-"Someone Actually Likes This Crap?"

those are my top ten
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