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Originally Posted by Ugly Duck View Post
DENVER, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- At Appliance Factory Outlet™ we are devoted football fans, and to prove that we support the orange and blue, we're giving away free appliances! If Denver shuts out Oakland on Sunday, October 24, 2010, Appliance Factory Outlet will be giving away up to $1,000,000 worth of FREE qualifying appliances!

Denver nearly shut out Oakland in 2004 (31-3), 2005 (22-3), and 2006 (13-3), but Oakland narrowly avoided catastrophe each time with a single field goal. Those Denver teams didn't have the "slinger" Kyle Orton, who is rapidly becoming one of the league's best passing quarterbacks.

Our top 10 reasons why Denver will shut out Oakland on October 24:

1. Even Al Davis didn't know Oakland had a professional football team.
2. Is Al Davis still alive?
3. The official movie of Oakland: "The Whole Nine Yards".
4. Oakland and possums have a lot in common, they both get killed on the road.
5. Oakland is so bad, their fans have started wearing eye patches on both eyes.
6. Oakland needs a higher draft pick so losing is encouraged.
7. Oakland has sunk in their own "black hole".
8. Oakland's new secret weapon for building stamina in practice is sucking helium out of footballs. 9. Oakland is forever cursed because Elway married a former Oakland's cheerleader.
10. Oakland just sucks... because, well Oakland just sucks. Go Denver!

So, we are hoping to give away free appliances to our customers as an early Christmas present, courtesy of Oakland. To date, both Denver and Oakland have the same win-loss results for the 2010 season. Our edge, Denver has beat Oakland in the first game of the season for the last 7 consecutive years!

This offer is good for qualifying appliances purchased October 17-23, 2010.
I don't get that one.

Nice little list though.
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