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Originally Posted by ThyNatural View Post
Then why all the knee-jerk from you on these forums? You'd think you'd be more critical of current administration mistakes and try to come up with some solutions instead of posting cartoons? Bush is gone, sitting in Panama with millions in his think Obama is any different?

These people are bought and paid for. You think that bull**** about Obama having that secret meeting with Hillary Clinton in June 08 was coincidence? He was in Chantilly, Virginia, getting his VP picked for him.
You never fail to froth at the pie hole and go into full-on Tourette's mode when people don't co-sign your "both parties are equally to blame for our current crisis" fairy tale, do you?

Never mind the evidence that they're not even close.

That's what makes you just another ideologue and a faith-based nut case.
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