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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
Yeah, I've gotta concur. Rainbow did manage a few gems with Dio singing but they really didn't have any notoriety in America til Joe Lynn Turner sang with 'em (excluding a few of the graham bonnet songs). As for the quality of music, it was high in Rainbow, in my opinion.

But in Sabbath, you had a whole new incarnation and monster. The sound of Sabbath changed SO much with Dio, not only in the vox but the general theme of the tunes and the structure of the songs. They did so much more than they could do with Ozzy in the band (i agree that ozzy would be in 2nd place in the pantheon of sabbath voices). The two albums they put together were good overall but with some seminal metal tunes like Neon Knights, Children of the Sea, and Heaven and Hell. Sabbath's gems were greater than Rainbow's, which means my vote is for Sabbath.
Memorable tunes in the Dio era Sabbath far exceed those from his Rainbow days...of which only LLRNR and Kill The King come to my mind without looking. That doesn't mean I'm saying the Rainbow stuff sucked, it was okay, but most of it was far from memorable.

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