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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
Was drinking last night debating which band was better and/or more important in rock between Rainbow (with Dio) or Sabbath (with Dio). As you can see, Dio was what started us on that path.
Well, I'd say Sabbath was more important, due to it's established reputation and the fact that Dio pretty much pulled them off from the scrap heap for a couple of decent to good LP's. Incidently, I always thought that Dio suited Sabbath much better than the cartoonish, nasally voiced Ozzy. That's an opinion that has brought me much grief over the years, but I still stand by it.

Rainbow never really escaped the long shadow of Purple IMHO. They had some great players come and go over their career to no avail and they eventually ended up in MOR hell. They never really registered to be more than a footnote in Blackmore's career, so important is hardly a label I'd tag them with. "Long Live Rock And Roll" & "On Stage" were the albums I've held onto and still have to this day....although, I confess, neither have seen the turntable in well over 15 years.
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