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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Much of the seed $$$ for the tea party came from the third richest men in America- - the Koch brothers who of course support the Wall Street bail out.

So why would any true anti globalist have anything to do with such a movement -- which is in fact a facade -- a front for continuing and INCREASING Wall Street control over our lives?

Good question. Time to wake up, America.
While I don't disagree that there has been money donated by the Koch brothers to back Neocons trying to hijack the Tea Party, most people understand what the true Tea Party is about. We don't need the MSM's interpretation of what it is for us. We welcome with open arms, true conservatives, who realize authoritarian Neocons had the wool pulled over their eyes. We also welcome Liberals who realize there is no way to stop the endless wars, unless we get people who are non-interventionists into office.

Time to wake up Gaffney, put down the Chomsky, there was one man who fueled this whole movement...and he ain't done yet!!!
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