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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Dumb HBO show about an "extended" family of Mormon adulterers

HBO piggy-backed the first season of 'Big Love' right after The Sopranos during its final season, so unsurprisingly their abuse of that classic song was pretty widespread.
Ah, no wonder I didn't know what you were talking about. I remember seeing promos for that and just gave it the big el passo out of hand. I had zero interest in that stuff.

No way am I gonna click on that. As strange as it sounds, I think John Lennon played on that record, or was at least hanging out with Moon then. That mid-70s period was around the time he and Moon and Harry Nilsson were debauching themselves all over L.A.
Yeah, you're right. A star studded cast backed Moon on it. What's sad about it is the fact that A) He doesn't even play on it and B) it wasn't intended as a joke.

You think about a Who track like the goofy "Cobwebs And Strange" from "A Quick One" and how wild and cool his drum breaks are on that, then think of what a solo album from him could've and should've been. All we got was this, this thing that I rank as one of the very worst albums ever made. It's just tragic.
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