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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I'm not sure of the HBO thing you speak of, so I really can't comment on that.
Dumb HBO show about an "extended" family of Mormon adulterers

HBO piggy-backed the first season of 'Big Love' right after The Sopranos during its final season, so unsurprisingly their abuse of that classic song was pretty widespread.

Originally Posted by Hogan
You know, I loved Keith Moon, but Man...did he damage that song for me.

Incidently, that album is a total headscratcher. Instead of doing what could've been an all time great album of drumming, he did bad zonked out covers. Proof positive that mid-70's California (and it's influences) was not a good place for someone like him to be. He simply never had the pipes to sing...well anything.

No way am I gonna click on that. As strange as it sounds, I think John Lennon played on that record, or was at least hanging out with Moon then. That mid-70s period was around the time he and Moon and Harry Nilsson were debauching themselves all over L.A.
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