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Malik Jackson

I don't know how much, if any, of this is true. I am always suspect at the idea of secret cabals of world conquering evil-doers, believing they fit more into the scheme of a James Bond movie. The thing I find the most disturbing though, are the continuous attacks on our government from the Right. If any of the above is true, the only weapon Americans have to fight back against such forces is a government that they control. Right now, we do not have that. And any vestiges of independent government we have left are under a constant barrage of propaganda and corruption.

Many people don't seem to understand that a vacuum at the top will not exist. Either government has the power, vested by the people, controlled by the people, to control such forces as international banks, the military/industrial complex and global corporatism, or it doesn't, in which case, those forces will rule. In our times, we see the battle being lost. The propaganda of the Right says that government, our only defense, is in fact, the enemy. A brilliant propaganda ploy. This is why I argue that massive campaign reform should be our most crucial focus. It's probably already too late, but if we don't get the money out of our government, we have no hope. The recent SCOTUS ruling might be what historians of the future record as the death knell of our republic.

One thing we have going for us: Greed. If there was to be some kind of cabal of international pirate bankers and corporatists working to take over the world, their own greed would set them against each other at some point. To paraphrase Neil Young, Greed never sleeps.

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