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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
1983. Saturday and Sunday, though I was a metalhead so Saturday turned out to be a major eye opener for a guy who thought the only viable ear candy at the time was metal! Boingo, INXS, and The Clash blew me away. Of course, on Sunday, yours truly was a pig in slop, in spite of Van Halen's dowright embarrassing

Triumph, Priest, and the Scorpions were unbelievable.

As for Missing Persons, they have always been a guilty pleasure. I like the tempo and the guitar sound. Dale was just 'different' enough to keep me listening and the little outfits kept a hormone laden teenage dude interested for sure. Did you go to Us?
Nah, I was fresh outta high school and so broke at the time...there was no way I could travel cross country for that, no matter how much I wanted to.

I remember somehow stumbling across VH1's rebroadcast of the performances this summer and then following up on youtube for the rest. Great stuff from a largely forgotton music festival. That was The Clash's final performance w/ Mick Jones're so lucky to have seen that....Goddamn, I miss Joe Strummer

Yeah, I wasn't a fan at all but, Bozio's skimpy outfits is what I remember most about Missing Persons. Her husband on drums was an ex-Zappa guy who definitely had great drumming chops, but did his best to hide them. It all smacked of a cash grab to me, but there were far worse things on the landscape at that time, so....

I think it was the "Words" video that had most of us late teen/early 20's guys with our wangs in our hand goin'.......

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