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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Man, I was not a fan of that band at all....but the skimpy outfits she wore in the videos made them worth watching (every 15 minutes they showed up on MTV in '82 anyways).

You mentioned the US Festival, did you go by chance?
1983. Saturday and Sunday, though I was a metalhead so Saturday turned out to be a major eye opener for a guy who thought the only viable ear candy at the time was metal! Boingo, INXS, and The Clash blew me away. Of course, on Sunday, yours truly was a pig in slop, in spite of Van Halen's dowright embarrassing

Triumph, Priest, and the Scorpions were unbelievable.

As for Missing Persons, they have always been a guilty pleasure. I like the tempo and the guitar sound. Dale was just 'different' enough to keep me listening and the little outfits kept a hormone laden teenage dude interested for sure. Did you go to Us?
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