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All stupid smart aleckiness aside. I like both. The thicker pizza really is a meal and my mom used to make us a pizza pie with homemade sauce and fresh dough and meats and cheeses from an Italian deli when I was a kid. It was and is my favorite pizza of all time. There is also a deep dish place in Tucson (Meck might not know this one, but not sure) called Zachary's down by the UA with very deep dish pizza that I enjoyed in college, sauce could be a bit sweet sometimes, but overall a yummy pizza great with beer and strangely enough salad.

However, having said that, when I get anything now it tends to be thin crust, like cracker thin if I can get it. I am not a bit new york style pizza eater, I consider thin crust something different than that. At any rate I prefer thin crust now, but I like that thick crust on occasion. I do wish I could figure out how my mom got her pizza so perfect, because I never have been able to repeat it.

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