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Originally Posted by SJ Bronco View Post
What ever happened to Liberals being the "bleeding heart" and "softee" party? Of course we don't wish harm. most of us are pacifists you fool! LMAO I love how the right skews things to make the lame point they are trying to make today. One day we are commies trying to give all the money to lazy poor people. The Next day we have ambitions on taking over the world and looking for the death of conservatives. Make up your minds.
You guys are the bleeding heart/softee party that gets pushed around by hard-edged extremists in your own party who boss you like bullies. Lee Harvey Oswald was that type of extremist liberal. So was Che Guevara. So was Fidel Castro.

Thats why you get led around by egomaniacal, powerhungry overlords who want you to line up behind them. You guys love a good dictator who can really whip the opposition into shape...or kill them.
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