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Orange Julius

Alright, I did a lot of re-formating on the face of the league site. If there is too much information on the front page I can take it off. Just figured it might be easier than having to search through all the links. I can just as easily remove it if it's too cluttered or annoying.

As for the links all over the place... I've sent an email in to and will try to get rid of them. I'm not sure I will be able to b/c this is the customized format that Pez had created a few years ago. The links are all a part of that customization. I could cut the customization out, but then we lose all pictures/banners including the division names/pics. I can do it, but it will look quite plain... which may be more appealing to some. Just let me know, I'm not married to the pictures and format so if we want something more plain, let me know and we'll go that route.
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