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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
Wait- I am picking 12th. This is the one thing I could not find anywhere on the site. It was pick I was. When I finally found a list of teams i thought I was 4th. I do not really care, I just need to know where I am at so I can plan accordingly.

So my only 2 questions.

1. What pick am I and where do i find that on the site?

2. When the draft time comes I just click on draft and then I am in the draft room and can start drafting, while seeing who has been selected right?

Other than that I am good to go. I will figure the rest out along the way. I just have trouble finding the draft stuff.

If you have time right now, you can give me a call... I'm on the computer and can walk you through everything real quick... PM coming.
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