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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post

1.01 SodBusters
1.02 Sittin' on Your Lipps
1.03 Missing Striped Socks
1.05 DUDERStadt
1.06 ApaOps' Fightin Whities
1.07 Just DomCasual
1.08 Practice Squad Warriors
1.09 CBF1's Agent Orange
1.10 Floridian Broncos
1.11 I'm Thinkin RB's
1.12 Suck my Tebow

1.01 Mock's Marauders Pre-Draft Selection Made
1.02 Ky's Lax Wannabees
1.03 Worm's Orange Halos
1.04 Tebow's Holy Rollers
1.05 STG's Men in Tight Pants
1.06 BMan's Republic of the Gridiron
1.07 Cover Zero All Day
1.08 Drinking and Drafting
1.09 HAT
1.10 Raiders SUCK
1.11 Judean Peoples' Front
1.12 Arkie Sod Busters

What's the deal with Sod Busters? For a second there I thought Arkie was showing up in both leagues... was gonna freak!

Wait- I am picking 12th. This is the one thing I could not find anywhere on the site. It was pick I was. When I finally found a list of teams i thought I was 4th. I do not really care, I just need to know where I am at so I can plan accordingly.

So my only 2 questions.

1. What pick am I and where do i find that on the site?

2. When the draft time comes I just click on draft and then I am in the draft room and can start drafting, while seeing who has been selected right?

Other than that I am good to go. I will figure the rest out along the way. I just have trouble finding the draft stuff.
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