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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
The site in its entirety lol. I had to dig around to find the draft room. The left bar is essentially worthless, and cluttered with links and stuff that I will never use.

The top bar is way to small, and should definitely be flipped with the side bar.

There are also like 5 different places to click "standings" etc. It just seems like it could be easily streamlined with a few tweeks.

Not trying to be an ass, my gf is a web designer and always complains about stuff like this to me too.

Many of this is personal preference.
Yeah, this site has a ton of tools and it is not very intuitive to use. I was the Commish on this the last time, but Pez did all the heavy lifting with the site.

I see how it could be called clunky. I call it difficult to use. However, it does allow us to be more flexible than some of the other leagues you mentioned.
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