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Okay, now I'm on the computer (rather than my phone) so I'll try to answer everyone's questions in more detail.

1st is Doggcow's. I agree with McApa. The site is well worth the coin, plus I was able to talk them into giving us a pretty good discount. You'll note on leaguesafe that the amount I pulled for the league is less than what we originally obligated/appropriated. Right now it is difficult to use b/c several of the links are still being hooked up. You guys have no idea how much time I've spent attempting to remake the links, adjusting the layout, and setting up the league. In hindsight, I should have just dropped the extra money on a custom template. I may just do that still, even if some of it is out of my own pocket. It will be worth it as I plan on keeping the league going for years to come or as long as TJ gives us the go-ahead. So in part, I do agree with you guys that for a newcomer it's probably a little overwhelming. I've been playing on myfantasyleague for five years now so it's pretty familiar to me now. As far as a free site, nothing out there comes close to giving us the capability that myfantasyleague does.

Mock- The draft will be nothing like the mock drafts we have on the OM. It will be done through the fantasy site and will be "Live" and take all of two hours (give or take a little bit) to complete... Each owner will have 1 minute to draft their player. You can queue players so that when your turn comes, you can choose your player pretty quickly. PM me with your number and we can set up a time to do a quick 101 for the site. If anybody else would like the same thing send me a PM with a number to contact you and I'll be happy to give you a quick review.

Has anyone/everyone read the front page article on the league site? It covers some important topics.
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