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Orange Julius

So I think Doggcow and Ryan would probably vouch for me regarding the bird dogging over the weekend to get the league dues in. Like Doggcow mentioned earlier, matter of minutes and he and his brother were paid up. They did that out of request so that I could move forward and pay the league fees and have full access to the league for everyone.

I could have very easily just moved the league fees due date to today, pulled out the commish Fee to pay for the site and been fine. One problem, whoever pays after that point is charged a late fee, which means your entry fee goes up significantly. I didn't want to put anybody in that situation. So I sent out emails, PMs and "nags" to everyone that hadn't paid. The folks that responded, we were able to get them taken care of. The folks that didn't respond, well I had to make a command decision. If you don't think you were part of the team, go to the fantasy site and you will see that Suto is already loaded in the db.

If it seems like I am being a hard ass about this, it's b/c I am. I have a situation where there is one owner that hadn't kept his end of the deal (and I couldn't find out what the hold up was or if that owner was going to even play) it's my obligation to do right by the 22 other owners that did. You are welcome to play. Welcome to join back in, but please understand that it is our responsibility to represent what is best for the league.
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