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Originally Posted by sutoazul View Post
Nick, I received my invite on Thursday, and I signed up right away. Did not pay at that moment since I was at work. The draft was set for Sept. 1st which is still three days away. Again I apologize if I held up the league but I did not receive an email nor a PM (I would have got it on my phone) throught the weekend stating the league was waiting on me to pay. As a matter of fact, when I signed up half of the members there still hadn't paid. There was only an email on Sat. about checking out the site and such, nothing about a deadline to pay. I think since I gave my word that I would participate, I signed up on safeleague and created a team name and everything, I should still have a spot on this league.
Not trying to be a dick, but I almost got bounced for not paying too. I dont really have any money since I just paid for college, and a dog, and moved (twice in one month because the other place lied about being pet friendly), and I still managed to pay for my entry, a matter of minutes after the commish requested me to.
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